Fun facts: Antonia

  • I like a bit of chocolate or pastry with my coffee, but I don’t particularly like candy
  • I only like dark chocolate and I take my coffee black. My favorite kind is caffè americano
  • My favorite fruit is watermelon (which technically isn’t a fruit, but a berry)
  • I’m a big Metallica fan, just bought my latest Metallica T-shirt a couple of days ago
  • I own an iPhone 3GS, but I keep using my Sony Ericsson W880i instead. I just don’t like the touch interface
  • I’m rather good at playing pool
  • I have a pretty serious dentist phobia
  • I’m not a very heavy sleeper, so I always wear a mask and earplugs when I sleep
  • I don’t like video games, but when I was little I played a lot of Super Mario

More coming up!

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7 Responses to Fun facts: Antonia

  1. Cinz says:

    ditto on the Mario;) it was so fun eh!?


  2. whoaa, Metallica, that’s pretty hardcore, i like you ;) i listen to rock music but mostly alternatives, nothing so heavy.

  3. Nina says:

    Same here about watermelon and Metallica =)

  4. Manderz says:

    I’m a milk chocolate person myself. And I love the buttons on my Blackberry – it makes typing so much easier.

  5. Lilith says:

    We totally agree on watermelon (which i had no idea it’s a berry) and dentist! :)

  6. Sasha says:

    Ne nadodentistov bojatsja, my nestrashnye :-)

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