From the deep of the blue sea

simple white pearl earrings salt water swedish love affairAs I wrote in my Christmas wish list previously, I really wished for a pair of simple white pearl earrings for Christmas. And Hannes got me them! They are very large, much larger than I’d expect, perfectly round and shiny – with golden push-ons. Such an elegant and classic piece of jewelery! I’ve been in love with these pearls since I got them.

In my opinion they are very versatile, and I put them on daily. Some would say jewelery like that is too expensive and sophisticated for everyday wear, but I say nice things are for using them. In the matter of fact, I think diamonds look cooler with plain torn jeans (or whatever) than saved for a really special occasion. And remember, jewelery doesn’t have an age tag, only a price tag.

simple white pearl earrings salt water swedish love affair

Here you can see me wearing them.

PS. Also, pearls require special care, and soon I’ll make a post about it. xox

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8 Responses to From the deep of the blue sea

  1. Laura C. says:

    Lovely! I wear a pair of pearl earrings every day as well….My boyfriend got me a pair for Christmas last year…I think they look great with everything!

  2. Leia says:

    Oh they are beautiful! And I totally, absolutely agree: pretty things are for using and wearing. I, too, love the look of diamond earrings or a bracelet worn with jeans. It adds a touch of sophistication! :)

  3. Milla says:

    Great present! You’re so lucky :) I remember getting my first set of pearl earrings and crying in such surprise. They’re so pretty and a real keepsake.


  4. Cee says:

    What beautiful pearls! I think a pair of pearl studs is the perfect piece of jewelry for every day wear, because they had a certain amount of elegance to a look without making you look overdressed. But that’s just me :)

  5. Sandy says:

    How nice! You’re boyfriend is so sweet.

  6. Susie says:

    Love those pearls! Your bf is a keeper!

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