Friday’s occupations

I happen to be free from school today, so my weekend has begun already! It has been a good Friday so far, which started with power-walking, as I mentioned before. Then I had a freshly baked tomato bagel with avocado and, well, tomato for breakfast. Then I got a bouquet of cerise tulips. Tulips are probably my favorite flowers and they’re a strong symbol of spring for me.

And now I’ve been to the baker’s and bought some pastries. Just about to have a coffee!

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5 Responses to Friday’s occupations

  1. Maggie says:

    Your photographs are always so beautiful. And I cannot wait for spring either! :)

  2. jill says:

    Lovely tulips! Lucky you, I love getting flowers.
    I just got home from work, so my weekend just officially began! I’m totally beat, and trying to decide between staying in with a little Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and a good movie, or go and join my friends for a night out. Both alternatives really appeal to me.. especially the first one=)
    Those pastries look so delicious! Maybe I’ll just start off by having some ice-cream, and see where it takes me.. Enjoy the weekend!

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