Forbrydelsen or The Killing

I often get asked to recommend a good Swedish book or movie. Lately I’ve been watching the Danish thriller series Forbrydelsen. I rarely follow any TV series (as some of you know, I don’t even have a TV!), but this one is different.
This show is full of suspense with a great plot, believable characters and brilliant acting. The production is tasteful and restrained, and very Nordic. Forbrydelsen is frequently compared to Twin Peaks, but as a bonus you get to see some beautiful views of Copenhagen in every episode!

Forbrydelsen” means “the crime” in Danish, but its English title is The Killing (it’s been aired in over 15 countries and there is an American version of it). To get the most out of this show I recommend that you watch the original in Danish.

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8 Responses to Forbrydelsen or The Killing

  1. Leia says:

    I watched the American version! I liked the story, but I think you’re right and it would be better in the original language. Isn’t it the case that originals are mostly the best?

  2. Natasa says:

    I LOVE Scandinavian crime series’!
    Wallander, for example!
    Must look this one up on Amazon:-)

  3. Renata says:

    I’ve completely missed out on this! Thanks, I love the sound of a modern Twin Peaks-esque series!

  4. I plan to watch this show, too :)

  5. jill says:

    Heard so much about this, but I haven’t seen it yet! Maybe the Christmas holidays would be suitable :) I’ll add this to my wishlist!

  6. C says:

    You’re right, this is the BEST thing on TV! Here in England they showed it on BBC4, the first series was amazing but I finished the second series last night and loved it too! Sofie Grabol is so so good in it. It’s got quite a cult following here now and I can’t wait for the third one! But definitely watch the Danish version, so much better than the American!

  7. Chiara says:

    I really like Forbrydelsen. Am currently watching the second season.
    I saw one glimpse of the American version, but i really didn’t like that.

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