Fontana di Trevi and Anita Ekberg

Of course I visited Fontana di Trevi on my Roman vacation. This is the fountain in which Swedish actress Anita Ekberg had a swim in the movie La Dolce Vita. Although I really can’t recommend taking the plunge today – going into the fountain carries a €500 fine and there are always police present there.
It’s better to just throw a coin into the Trevi fountain. According to legend, if you do this you become destined to return to Rome. I always do it, and it always works!

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4 Responses to Fontana di Trevi and Anita Ekberg

  1. Polina says:

    Gorgeous statue! I hope to visit it one day

  2. Rosa says:

    oh nice picture i love it

  3. Ilona says:


  4. ulka says:

    très belle photo !

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