Flower head vase

These days we get a lot of flower deliveries from friends, family and colleagues. The flowers are all really pretty, but every now and then some of the flower heads droop or start to wither.
Fortunately, I have a great way of taking care of these poor flower heads. I have this special vase, which consists of many small cavities in which I place the flower heads.
I don’t know of anyone else who has this kind of special vase, and I’ve never seen it in a regular store. However, sometimes they have them in thrift shops.

I’ve previously made a post about collecting flower heads by a flower shop, and this is what I do with those as well. It requires a bit of work, but the result is a very pretty centrepiece.

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One Response to Flower head vase

  1. Hanna says:

    Jag tror att det är tänkt att glaset med hålen i ska stå i botten på en vas så varje blomma kan stå stadigare. Det är åtminstone det som jag fått berättat för mig! :)

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