First walk together

Yesterday we were at the first routine check-up of Johannes since leaving the hospital. The news we got there were great! It turns out that he has already gained 12 percent of his initial weight! Of course, we were thrilled to find out that our baby boy is getting stronger so fast. That’s the kind of thing that makes you feel like a good parent.

Another thing that made me happy was to find out that I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I mean, the pregnancy experience was amazing and interesting in many ways, but I must say that towards the end of it I was feeling a bit heavy and clumsy. And all the small things, like not being able to put on my own socks or painting the nails on my toes myself!.. Don’t even get me started.

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7 Responses to First walk together

  1. Pardeep says:

    Hmmmmm….so nice …enjoying weather :)

  2. This is great news. I was going to say, you don’t even look like you were ever pregnant. Looking as fabulous as always.

  3. Annie says:

    Antonia, you are so strong. I’m so proud of you. What a journey you’ve completed, and with such grace! You and Hannes will be fabulous parents and I wish you all the very best ^-^


  4. LeahSephira says:

    Such beautiful photos! And im happy for you guys that Johannes is getting stronger so fast :D

  5. Marion says:

    You surely don’t look like you’ve been pregnant at all! How did you manage that? Anyway, I wish you the best for you and the baby!

  6. Niken says:

    if you didn’t tell us that you were pregnant, i wouldn’t know the difference. you always look great.

    and i’m sure you and Hannes are wonderful parents :)

  7. Мария says:

    Беременность -прекрасное время, но в нем есть свои недостатки, счастье, что оно заканчивается )))) чудесная прогулка, чудесные фото, чудесная мамочка, здоровья крепкого Йоханесу!!!! А тебе сил побольше и посеорее восстановиться)))

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