First video post

Here’s my first video on Swedish Love Affair! I would be thrilled if wanted to take a look! It’s just around one minute long.

I’ve been honored to be a part of a great vlog project organized by Leia and Dena. It’s called Couture Cinco. We’re five international bloggers and each of us is going to make a video every two weeks. The first subject has been “My latest beauty purchase”. Mine was Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Phoenix.

As you see, my video turned out in the true “Swedish Love Affair-style”!

Check the other four videos (they are all under 1:30 minutes):

- Leia is talking about Ultra bland by Lush
- Dena‘s subject is Nude Shade Wardrobe by Pixi
- Clare is in love with her Stila liquid liner
- Martina showing how she uses Strobe cream by MAC

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21 Responses to First video post

  1. Leia says:

    Antonia I absolutely loved your video! It was so “you” and so unique and different to all the others. You look gorgeous, Greger stole my heart as always, and the product looks so pretty too. :)

  2. jill says:

    Wow Antonia! Your hint that something special was on it’s way kept me guessing, and when I saw this, it blew me away! I’ve watched it five times already, and I just love it! I loved seeing you in action, you are so beautiful!
    I’ll be watching you=)

  3. Patty says:

    I am just amazed with this video. I love it, I love it, I love it! It’s so beautiful, it looks like you’ve had much experience shooting and editing movies. Not to mention the way you look in this movie – I can tell the camera loves you! Did you take a course or something? I can’t stop watching the part where you wrap Greger up in a scarf! It puts a huge smile on my face=)
    Thanks, Antonia! Have a lovely day!

  4. Melissa says:

    Wonderfully done, Antonia! So adorable. I cannot wait to see more!

  5. Lisa says:

    Great video, Antonia! Absolutely great! I can’t believe how good you are with the video camera, and I can’t get over how stunning you look. You move with such grace and elegance, it’s a joy to watch! I love the song, too, it’s stuck to my head but I have no idea what they sing about =)
    I hope we can see more videos in the future, because this one was fantastic!

  6. Linda says:

    That’s so cool! I fell in love immediately when I saw you run up that hill with Greger=) You are so great=)
    Please do more of this in the future!

  7. Sherin says:

    The videos are such a great idea. Yours was so creatve: Loved it! The lipgloss looks beautiful.

  8. Your mum says:

    Very nice and almost professional, great idea.

  9. Anne says:

    I am speechless! This is so cool, you are now officially my favorite vlogger, as well as favorite blogger=) It’s such a creative and fun-to-watch presentation of your lipgloss, and it worked too! I feel inspired to buy one of those now!
    Hope your week is off to a great start

  10. Styleabaad says:

    Such a great idea – and your video is so adorable! Good job!

  11. Lotta says:

    I really love your video. I just did my first video too, last week. =)
    Love Lotta

  12. Sara says:

    Awesome video. Awesome.

    Please film more, Antonia!

  13. Martina says:

    Hi beautiful! I was amazed when I first saw your video, it’s just so professional and esthetically it is perfect! congratulations dear!

  14. What a great new project! I look forward to seeing more…and listening to such fun and happy music!

  15. Naomi says:

    Antonia, you star! This is such a happy, cute video: I could watch it all day! Also, I hadn’t really realised how tiny Greger is, I love him! I liked it when you wrapped him up in the scarf. I hope to see more videos from you soon! xxx

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  18. elle marie says:

    Well done on the editing and music… fits perfectly…you are adorable to watch.

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