Fibes, Oh Fibes! live in concert, Gothenburg

Yesterday I went to a concert with Fibes, Of Fibes!, a soul pop band from Gothenburg. I had never seen them live before, but I like their music and I’d heard that they’re usually great live. Even though I already had pretty high expectations, I was blown away by these brilliant musicians.
The atmosphere between the band and the crowd was so tight, it wasn’t quite like anything I’ve been to before. The band members were all switching between different instruments, from drums to saxophone, from Moog synthesizers to the violin, and the front man knew how to share energy with the crowd. The bassist played a double-necked guitar which was half bass, half electric guitar. I didn’t even know those existed.
If you’ve never listened to Fibes, Oh Fibes!, you can of course find their music on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Their album 1987 won the Swedish Grammy pop award in 2009.

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