February, March and April

Johannes turns three months today! Time flies, right? He’s now very aware about everything around him, can play with toys and he’s trying to sit up already!

By the way, many readers ask me how we picked the name for our baby boy. Well, Johannes is the full version of the name Hannes, so our son is basically named after his father. Hannes and Johannes, perfect!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anche mio figlio si chiama come il tuo: GIOVANNI in italiano! Ma è un pochino più grande, ha appena compiuto 18 anni!! Ahahah! Un grande abbraccio a te e al piccolino.
    baci da

  2. Laura H. says:

    Omg, his smile just melts my heart ! What a cutie !

  3. bette says:

    Exactly what we thought when we named our son Ole after his father Olaf. So cute – Ole, the small Olaf … Which is now causing major mayhem, since I am constantly confusing their names – and if I am shouting for one of them, usually both turn up. (Did you mean me or dad/Ole?) Just you wait!

  4. Vera V. says:

    He is so lovely and cute)) and he is growing up so fast !

  5. Katrusya says:

    Манюнечка такой! Вкусняшечка!)) Хахатун-улыбака.)) И такая красивая, счастливая и спокойная мамочка. Ребята, вы – прелесть!

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