Faux leather display box for earrings and rings

I ordered this jewelry display box from ebay the other day. So happy about it! It holds my rings and earrings tightly, and I can finally see them.
So now I have this display for the hanging earrings and this new one for the non-hanging ones (wonder if there’s a name for those! upd: Adrienne says “stud earrings”. The word I was looking for!).

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  1. Nicki says:

    I also like to have jewelry well organized. In the past, I have had displays on walls and in various size boxes. In my current home, I have little wall space but my bureau has a couple of very shallow drawers. I use the “egg” side of egg cartons to store jewelry – each “egg” holds a set of earrings, a necklace, a pin, whatever. When the cartons get torn, it is easy to replace the worn and torn carton with a new one. All I have to do is open the drawers and everything is visible. I keep all the earrings in one carton(s), pins in another but you could also sort things by color or by silver/gold. The cartons can be easily cut if you need to adjust them to the size of your bureau drawers.

  2. Kajsa says:

    Fint! Man vill ju kunna se alla sina vackra smycken!

  3. Paula says:

    Beautiful setup! I’m going to try for a solution like this too :)

  4. donna p says:

    Now I really want one too! Thank you for the tip, Antonia! I’m in the middle of making that other type of display (your DIY version) at the moment. You’re so creative!

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