Family recipe for facial mask with parsley

My mum recently showed me an old family recipe for a facial mask. My great great grandma used to mix parsley, sour cream, yogurt and oat flakes. The recipe is:

2 parts mixed parsley
1 part sour cream
1 part yogurt
1 part oat flakes

It’s said to soothe and tone the skin really well. With a dash of salt, it would make a great dip too!

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7 Responses to Family recipe for facial mask with parsley

  1. jill says:

    Looks good :) I’ll try to find the ingredients for it tonight!

  2. Anna says:

    I love parsley so much, but I had no idea it was this versatile! :)

  3. Styleabaad says:

    Wow, I’d love to try this soon!

  4. Shailly says:

    Then you must try this for heavenly Gliwice and blackhead free skin!
    1 tbsp chick pea flour
    Just a pinch turmeric( a herbal powdered spice which antiseptic)
    1tbsp yoghurt
    And a few drops of rosewater

    Mix well, apply and let it dry for about 20 mins

    Rub and wash and feel super soft and glowing skin!

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