Facebook or not

Do  you remember how it was before Facebook? That was only a few years ago, but already many people can’t imagine life without Facebook and there are plenty of people who have become addicted to it.
Lately a new trend has started, with people taking down their Facebook accounts. Last week another friend of mine decided to leave. I asked him why, and he said it was on principle. “I hate it”, he said.

Two days later he opened his account again.

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10 Responses to Facebook or not

  1. Leia says:

    That is an incredible photograph, Antonia!

    About Facebook… I was very resistant to it for a few years, but ended up deciding to join because it seemed like I was missing out on so much. I’m glad it exists, because I have had the chance to reconnect with old friends and it really does help me keep in touch with friends who are spread out all over the globe. But I do understand that it is a bit invasive, which is why I use it minimally and don’t put my whole life on there :)

  2. jill says:

    I love this photo, it’s fantastic!
    I am actually off Facebook at the moment (I was one of those badly addicted to it), and I don’t think I will be returning anytime soon. Sometimes I forget other people’s birthdays as a result, but only people I don’t know very well. And if there is an upcoming event or anything else happening, my friends text me or call me about it since they know I can’t see it on Facebook. I (almost) don’t miss my account at all.
    I should admit that I’ve become a pretty heavy Twitter user instead, but that doesn’t take as much time at all!

  3. Styleabaad says:

    I have a love/hate relationship I think… I love it in one way because without it I would never keep in touch with my friends in Sweden and Spain on a weekly basis. So since moving abroad it has definitely been good. On the other hand… sometimes I feel I’m getting too much details from “friends” that I don’t even hang out with anymore… Maybe it’s time for a spring clean up in the Friends list? he he…

  4. Erin says:

    Hee hee hee! I can vividly remember when I first heard about Facebook and thought “what’s so great about that???It’ll never last” and then it proceeded to take over the world. Oh yeah, we’d probably be alot better off without it, and I admit, I would love to go without it – but it is great for keeping up with friends all over the world :)

  5. Meli says:

    I used to have a facebook and I was obsessed! I would spend hours on it and then one day I just realized why? why am I spending so much time on it? So I decided to delete my account and I’ve been off of it for 3 years… and I don’t miss it! If I need to communicate with my friends then I will just text them or call them.
    Regardless, Facebook does have some good points… like some readers mentioned above, it’s great to keep in touch with friends abroad.

  6. Tanisha says:

    I have done this 4 or 5 times. But it is the only way I can keep in touch with my friends that are scattered all over the planet. Sucks, but necessary

  7. Sasha says:

    menja tam net :-)

  8. Melissa says:

    I had one when I first started university, and de-activated it a couple times only to return soon after. However over a year ago I figured out how to permanently delete it and I haven’t looked back since. Honestly it has not made much of a difference. Yes, there are some people who I am not in contact with anymore. I feel it does say something about a relationship when all you have is a website to keep you connected, almost like perhaps it means you weren’t really supposed to stay in touch with that specific person. Some might disagree with me but that’s just how I see it!

  9. Aprilia Love says:

    Love the photo! :)
    I like FB for keeping in touch with friends abroad and sharing photos. It doesn’t consume my life like it does with some people but it is definitely handy to have, in my opinion.
    I’m glad I’ve come across this blog! I lived in Gothenburg for 6 months, two years ago. It was a really nice city!


  10. Arantxa says:

    Hahaha, I have a similar case. I have a friend who after much thought opened a facebook account. 2 months later he closed it, believed that their reliance on Internet and computer had grown since I was facebook. After the summer decided to open it again, because in his words “there are people you can relate do not otherwise” and I think … Is that true? In a world without facebook some people could not be friends? Or keep your friendship? Certainly makes one wonder …

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