Everything changes

Here’s a old photo of my little brother Mattias and I. I don’t remember exactly when it was taken, but it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. However, he’s turning 9 in a week! How can it be??

The most important conclusion one can draw from this is that we should hang out with people more. Because everything changes fast.

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8 Responses to Everything changes

  1. Your mum says:

    May, 2007

  2. Caroline says:

    You’re so wise and clever, Antonia! This post made me call of my old friends who I haven’t seen in two years. Things do change fast.

  3. Paula says:

    What a perfect picture! You must be the best sister ever :) I think you’re right about how all of us should spend more time together with our friends. It’s like all this social texting, facebooking, tweeting and what not makes us feel that we don’t have to socialize as much IRL. But we really should, there’s just no substitute for having a coffee or a drink with your friends in person.
    Nice post :)

  4. nikskie says:

    oh, my youngest brother turned 10 couples of day ago. and i still can’t believe how he’s already got so big. he was my baby!!!! (i’m 13 years older than him)

  5. Laura says:

    Oh your little brother is so little! :D Cute!

    I just celebrated my “little” brother’s 21st birthday somehow. He’s still my baby brother but its crazy to realized he’s a grown man already. :)

  6. Cinz says:

    i couldn’t agree more with this post. Time stops for nobody so pls do cherish every moment and every dear loved ones in our life:D This is a constant reminder i tell myself:)


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