Elle Sweden and H&M Magazine February 2012

To my surprise, Hannes has renewed my subscription to Elle Sweden. Yesterday I got the first issue.

When you subscribe to Elle you get a lot of other magazines as a bonus, for example H&M Magazine.

It was all about H&M’s cooperation with Marni. It’s will be released March 8th 2012. I haven’t decided if I’m getting anything yet, but there are some pieces there that I like a lot. Like this canvas bag with a see-through bottom!

I also liked these crochet shorts (H&M).

And who wouldn’t love a golden sweater for spring? It’s H&M, too.

Green and blue polishes are back!

And I don’t know about these blue and purple hairstyles, but I’m definitely into bright spring make-up. Also, the Dior Rosy glow healthy glow awakening blush is so lovely! I’ve been using it every day ever since I got it. Its bright pink shade makes me feel like a doll!

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5 Responses to Elle Sweden and H&M Magazine February 2012

  1. Styleabaad says:

    Those crocheted white shorts are so pretty! I think I need those too!

  2. Great colours in clothes and make up for this season!

  3. Tessan says:

    I’ve got the Christian Dior nail polish for spring called Waterlily. It’s a lovely green, kind of a darker version of Chanel’s Jade, and it’s lightly scented too! I haven’t had a scented nail polish since I was about 5. One to check out!

  4. Arantxa says:

    I love the magazine “Elle” I bought it at times, but I’m subscribed to “Telva” a similar but Spanish magazine, which is very important here. The colors that come this spring are beautiful, I love the pastel colors and makeup as I can tell you … Crazy! The Dior Rouge I also I have, and I love it, as you well say gives a healthy tone to the charming face.

  5. I like all of those nail polishes ^^

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