Earrings and compromising

Look at the earrings I got from my uncle and his wife!

I was actually there when they were choosing a present for me in the jewelery shop. Suddenly my uncle started looking at this really expensive stuff and his wife asked me if I liked any of the earrings there. I said I did. So they asked me to choose a pair I liked the most and my uncle would buy it. So I chose a pair of earrings, and he actually did buy them, and the clerk put them in a fancy gift box, which I received later when we got home. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they gave me another pair of earrings, not the ones I had chosen in the store! The wife explained to me that she bought the earrings I had chosen for her son’s girlfriend (as she trusts my taste), and I’m getting these ones instead. Don’t worry, she said, your pair was just as expensive!

I’m not complaining. I like my new earrings. But isn’t it a little strange?

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6 Responses to Earrings and compromising

  1. Leia says:

    Your new earrings are gorgeous! One of my aunts does things like that all the time. I’m not complaining if it’s her way of showing love! :P

  2. Fashionelli says:

    Strange way to make presents….

    Earrings are beautiful, what is the stone?:-)

  3. Sara says:

    This reminds me of when my boyfriends’ mum said she wanted to buy me a present and asked me what I would like for Christmas. First I said she didn’t have to buy me anything but she insisted, so I told her about this pair of gloves that weren’t too expensive and I knew where they had them so she wouldn’t have to search for them.
    Come Christmas Day, she had got me a bright green and orange jumper with huge sparkling “diamonds” on that wasn’t my size and totally the wrong color for me. She said to me “they didn’t have the gloves, but this is from the same store!”.
    A bit weird, right? But the weirdest bit is that I knew for a fact that they did indeed have that pair of gloves in stock!

  4. Anonymous says:

    н-да..не устаю поражаться. Cерьги симпатичные,носите с удовольствием)

  5. Sandy says:

    That is strange. I think it would be better if they asked you for your advice about getting earrings for your cousin’s girlfriend. These earrings are lovely but I’m sure you couldn’t help but be a little disappointed you didn’t get the pair you thought you were going to. Btw I like how these earrings look against the moss.

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