Do you have any Paris ideas?

paris flowersVery soon I’m going to Paris. I’m very excited about it, and I’ll really try to make the best out of my days there. So, if you have any tips or ideas about exhibitions, shops, food or any other things there – please feel free to share them with me! I’d really appreciate that. I’m aware of all the famous and obvious things there, but I’d really love to here from someone with more French experience than myself!

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  1. ouhhh your blog is adorable, dear:)


  2. Linda says:

    You’re going to have such a great time! I’m so jealous!
    Here are my three top tips:
    1. go to the Eiffel Tower at night, stand under it and look up. That’s the most beautiful way to experience it!
    2. A guided boat tour on the River Seine. The guide I had was really good, it was very interesting, and the views are so beautiful (especially at night, but I think it’s probably too cold for that this time of year)
    3. Go to the La tour Montparnasse and take the elevator to the top floor. The view from up there beats even the view from the Eiffel tower


  3. gaby says:

    I love the Arc de Triomphe. It is placed in the centre le place de l’etoile. If you get up there you’ll se why it is in the center and why it is called l’etoile (the star). The view is gorgeous and you’ll see the sky view of Paris and the principal avenues. A must do in my opinion, and there is no lines to do so, but you have to take the stairs and it’s a long way up. But is worth it :)

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you, Gaby! That’s what my mum said too. I’m very curious to see why it’s called “the star” now! Will def do.
      Do you live there?=)

      • gaby says:

        Hi! I’m so excited that you replied! I love your blog.. No, I live in Holland 30 min away from the center of Amsterdam. But I love Paris (who doesn’t? ;) ) Enjoy your trip! I’ll know you’ll love it :)

  4. hannah says:

    Visit the Marais neighborhood! It’s cozy and beautiful. On Saturdays they often have little art fairs going on.

  5. Rucha Shukla says:

    Some shopping places to get unique scarves and jewellry are:
    1. Mi Amor (#1 Recommended)
    Address: 10, Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
    75004 Paris, Paris, France

    Also on the same street:

    Pierre Boisset (Recommended VERY much also)
    Address: 22, Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
    75004 Paris, Paris, France


    2. Le Chat Huant
    Address: 50 rue Galande, in the 5th arr. Telephone

    3. Diwali’s
    All Adresses (All in Paris):
    52, rue saint louis en l’ile, 75004 Paris. Tele: 01 46 34 83 95
    47/49 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris. Tele: 01 43 36 19 02
    7 rue de la huchette, 75005 Paris. Tele: 01 43 26 33 30
    40 rue saint andre des arts, 75006 Paris. Tele: 01 43 29 10 09
    5 rue Norvins, 75018 Paris. Tele: 01 42 54 16 35

    Also go to Amarino’s, the icecream place….they put their ice cream in a flower shape!

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you for such a detailed answer, Rucha! Unique scarves and jewelry is definitely something I’m interested in, and also all the other things! Have you been to Paris a lot? Or do you live there?=)

      Oh, I hope it’s going to be ice-cream weather there!

  6. Cee says:

    There are so many wonderful things to do in Paris, but my favourites are…
    1: Musée Carnavalet, the museum of Paris History. It’s fascinating, probably my favourite museum in the entire city. (And it’s free!)
    2: Eat a crèpe from a street vendor (but make sure it’s one who makes them fresh; many of them now make the crèpes the day before and just reheat them.)
    3: Sit in Galéries-Lafayette and just stare up at the stained glass ceiling. I could contemplate it for hours, it’s so beautiful.
    4: The best shopping is in Le Marais, which is filled with amazing local boutiques. Sandro is my absolute favourite, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere in this neighbourhood :)
    5: Ride the carousel at the base of Basilique Montmartre… You’ll feel like Amélie Poulain.

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, thank you so much for your ideas, Cee! I’m glad you’ve answered, as I know how good you are at everything French and Parisian! I will try to cover as many of these things as possible!

  7. Andrea says:

    I don’t know if you’re into it, but there are several great jazz clubs in Paris. The Caveau de la Huchette, the Au Duc des Lombards and New Morning are all world class. Check them out!
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  8. Tessan says:

    I lived in Paris in 2009! I will give you some of my top Paris tips right now. If I think of anymore, I’ll be sure to email you directly or post more here.

    I always like sending people to my neighbourhood (In the 12th Arrondisement, at Place Felix Eboue) to see it. There’s a fountain there, with 12 lions. It’s quite beautiful when it’s lit up, but I’m not sure if it will be when you’re there. (The metro stop is Daumesnil on the 6 or the 8 lines). Also, there’s a park located very close by too, where you can rent a rowboat, etc.

    If you like to do shopping, go to Le Marais, where there’s many little boutiques here and there. Also, my favourite falafel place is located in this district! It’s called L’As Du Falafel. There’s a ton of other falafel places, but this is the best I’ve had! They’re closed on Saturday for the sabbath. The metro stop is St. Paul off the 1 line.

    I loved doing night picnics at Trocadero with my friends. Every hour on the hour, the Eiffel Tower would light up. It’s such a great experience to sit on the grass with my friends, having finger foods and taking in the fresh air.

    I know that you like to read and there’s a very cool bar hop we did for one of my classes, finding the bars Hemingway used in his novels! I’ll check my photos to see where exactly, but it’s off the 4 line (Metro stop: Raspail).

    Have you been before?

    • Antonia says:

      Hi Tessan! Thank you so much for your ideas! No, I’ve never been there before so it’s great to hear from someone experienced, and you know exactly what I’m interested in. All these things sound very interesting, and I just wish I could pronounce the French names=) Le Marais is something everyone seems agree that I should visit, so that’s definitely on my to-do list. And I love falafel – and Hemingway, so that’s spot on too. And I really hope it’s going to be picnic weather!
      Thank you!

  9. There is a blog that I really like called Cafemakeup and the author of it is now writing a series of post about Paris which are amazing, maybe they will help you x

  10. jess says:

    Paris- Rue Cambon origninal Chanel store xx

  11. In addition to all of the above (and the regular touristy spots), I’d recommend:
    1. Marche aux Puces flea market…so interesting…a walk through history. Lots of great jewelry, art and curiosities.
    2. Institut du Monde Arabe…the architecture is very cool. And the view of the Notre Dame from the cafe is pretty darn cool.
    3. Hediard…my favourite place to buy tea.
    4. Paul…do you have this cafe in Sweden? It doesn’t exist in North America but it’s got great food, coffee & desserts. Yum!
    5. Musee Rodin…a small manageable museum…and full of gorgeous statues.

    Enjoy! Bon voyage!

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