Disadvantages of burying stuff

italian greyhoundGreger can be quite stupid sometimes (not that he is very intellectual most of the time). If he gets a hold of something he can eat, like a sausage, a piece of bread or a dog treat, then he often goes away and buries it somewhere. In the pile of clean laundry or sometimes even in my bed! He buries stuff with his nose and he does it so vigorously that he even gets a small wound on the top of his nose! You can see it in this photo.

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8 Responses to Disadvantages of burying stuff

  1. Katie L says:

    oh no! dogs can be so silly! still, what a sweet face he has:)

  2. Lilith says:

    Greger is passionate and likes to keep his bellongings safe.
    What’s wrong with that?
    I think he is quite clever but he hides it for his own reasons. :mrgreen:
    (plus, he’s the cutest little thing!)

  3. Patricia says:

    LoL! Too funny! Greger’s such a character! :D

  4. Nina says:

    Irrelevant but, your hair looks amazing =)

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