Did the wind-up bird forget to wind the spring?

The weather has been awful today, not springy at all. However, I braved the bad weather to meet a friend. But for now I’m staying indoors to hang out with my little brother. We’ve been playing Xbox 360 with Kinect a lot during the Easter holidays, so when the weather gets like this we can have ourselves a dance battle or two. Of course, if Mattias gets to decide, he’ll choose NHL 2012 instead.

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2 Responses to Did the wind-up bird forget to wind the spring?

  1. Laura says:

    I love playing Dance Central on rainy days (which are MANY in Seattle!). :D

  2. I want to play Just Dance on our Wii but my boyfriend only wants to play Call of Duty on our Xbox 360! Those dance games are pretty fun. I’d like to get the Kinect and try that out.

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