I took a trip to Copenhagen with Hannes today. It was really fun, and I felt like I was in the TV show The Bridge. I would very much learn how to speak Danish, but I must admit that I always watch Danish films and TV shows with subtitles.

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  1. Natasa says:

    I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to learn Danish?
    I am fluent in German and when I was learning Swedish (only for two years:-( it was so much easier for me than for people who didn’t speak German (many words are almost the same…)
    Love Swedish language, btw:-))

  2. Nina says:

    I understand what you mean, sometimes subtitles are just so easy that I cannot resist them too =) But maybe you can use them to help you? Like listening to what they say and reading what is written in the subs? I find it does some good most of the time. Or you can turn subs into Danish if you can, but it can be a bit cruel =)

  3. Chiara says:

    So not all Swedes can understand Danish? I have a Danish aunt who understands swedish and when watching The Bridge i got the impression that all Swedes and Danish people can understand eachother. To me, the two languages sound quite different, though i can also hear a lot of the same words. It’s probably like Dutch and German. If you are Dutch or German and don’t speak the other language, you will always understand quite a bit of it.

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