Crazy about leopard print?

Not only am I crazy about pink, I seem to be into leopard print as well! Although it’s completely unintentional, I seem have a lot of leopard stuff! Above you can see the two new accessories in leopard print, a small furry pouch and a scarf.

And you probably remember this:

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5 Responses to Crazy about leopard print?

  1. jill says:

    Well, it suits you, clearly! :)

  2. Anastasia says:

    Antonia, I think it’s just nearness of spring. :)

  3. Such a cute pouch :) Is it a brooch in the last picture?

  4. I love leopard print but I’m very picky about them, I only like them if they don’t look cheap :P . My boyfriend, unfortunately, is very harsh on leopard and hates it :( .

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