Craving for sour

I rarely eat candy, but sometimes I just crave for something really sour. Does anything like this ever happen to you? When it happens to me I can easily eat a raw lemon or a couple of limes. Yesterday, however, satisfied my craves with sour jelly bottles and worms.

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5 Responses to Craving for sour

  1. Tessan says:

    Oh, I’m the same way! I’m not a big chocolate person at all. I prefer candies to be on the sour side. Those blue sour bottles? Love those!

  2. Joan says:

    I get this about chocolate, I just have to have chocolate sometimes! But I think my cravings occur more often than yours, b/c mine happens almost every day :)

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh I get this about tons of stuff, chocolate, coffee, ice-cream, cheese, coke, lemons..
    It’s at least one thing every day, but at least I vary my cravings :)

  4. Annelien says:

    I know this feeling very well! I mostly go for ‘sour bears’. I think they are the same as sour jelly bottles except for the shape. And just wondering: how cold is it at Sweden? It looks so cold already though over here I can still leave the house without gloves.

  5. Araceli Estrada says:

    Oh my gosh yes! And it is always for something specific that I just have to have. You are not alone my friend. It usually happens to me when I stress out a little.

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