Cows and people

We woke up really early today, so we took the car and hit the road, looking for some adventures or, at least, some beautiful sights. We drove out of the city, past forests and lakes, and eventually we came out to the open fields. There were green fields as far as the eye could see,  and not a person or a car in sight. Nevertheless, there were cows. There were twenty or thirty of them, with their baby calves and everything, standing in the middle of the road, staring and not letting us pass. So we started to beep the car a little, hoping they will move aside and let us drive. But nothing happened, they just kept standing there and staring. So I came out of the car, taking the opportunity to get some snaps. I could see the curiousity in their eyes, as they got closer to me. And then, as the flash on my camera went off,  they all jumped aside, frightened, and ran out of the way! I don’t know about you guys, maybe you deal with cows on daily basis. As for me, I’ve never even been this close to one! But personally, I think if I was a cow I would be more afraid of beeping cars rather than camera flashes!

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