Cotton balls and toilet paper

italian greyhound bathroom cotton balls toilet paperThis is what I found Greger doing when I got home! He was killing my cotton balls and toilet paper in the bathroom. When I looked at him he knew right away he was doing something wrong, but I didn’t even have the heart to get mad at him! He hates cameras, so he saw me taking photos of him as a strong punishment. Just look at his face!italian greyhound toilet paper greyitalian greyhound swedish love affair

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18 Responses to Cotton balls and toilet paper

  1. Mattias says:

    Han är väldigt rolig. Jag saknar honom

  2. Sandra says:

    sv; jasså? :) haha, men vad kul att du tittade in då. Och tack så jättemycket, det uppskattas :D Kram

  3. caty says:

    aaw, how cute :D . He reminds me of my little doggie, she has the same type of skinny face and guilty looking expression ^^
    Except that they are the total oposites, mine is a little dwarf wienerdog, very different physique :]

  4. Meleonie says:

    Aww, that’s so cute! :}

  5. oh my goodness, your dog is gorgeous. i love these images. the puffy cotton next to his sleek grey coat is stunning. xx

  6. Sorella says:

    Jag visste inte att hundar tuggar på toa papper också :D . Mina katter klöser och tuggar sönder våra rullar om man lämnar dem utan övervakning runt sådana i typ 2 minuter.

    Jag blir lite ledsen när jag ser din hund. Den ser så liten och klen ut och gullig på samma gång. Jag vet att de ska se sådär smala ut, men jag blir ändå lite ledsen :P .

    • Antonia says:

      Jo då, han älskar att riva sönder servetter och toapapper!
      Mm, jag ger mig skulkänslor med sin blick ibland (och även andra, när de tycker synd om honom och informerar mig om det)!..
      Han ser lite ledsen ut, men han tänker bara på bus=)

  7. Patricia says:

    He’s such a character! That look on his face is priceless! And, even though he doesn’t like pictures taken, I’m glad that you share these moments and are able to capture them forever. Keep them coming-they make me smile! I love animals! :)

  8. Manderz says:

    I just don’t understand why dogs find toilet paper and cotton balls so exciting to shred. Mine destroyed a box of Kleenex in the living room the one day. What a mess! Hope Greger decides not to do it again anytime soon.

  9. rinatinna says:

    У меня то же безобразничает левретка.Очень любит шерсть размотать по квартире,пакеты порвать.А уж как любит косметику и духи,особенно духи.На улице,если от кого нибудь хорошо пахнет,она встает на задние лапы и нюхает этого человека.

  10. Really cute & really funny!

  11. PRISCILA says:

    Hi, dear Antonia!
    I only discovered your blog now and I’m in looove with your dog! He’s sooo cute!! He look like my mom’s dog!! I love dogs!
    Kisses for you and Greger!

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