There’s no cosmetic for beauty like happiness

MASQUERADE Fall 2010 Collection eyeshadow face stockholm cream blush

Here's the Masquerade eyeshadow palette from Smashbox (fall 2010) and a cream blush from FACE (a Swedish make up brand), shade Stockholm

I often get to hear that I don’t need make up. You’re pretty as you are, that’s what they say.  All you need is a smile on your face and things like that. But to me cosmetics have a totally different meaning. I have it not because I truly need it (after all, we’d all easily survive without it), it’s just that I really like it! I like buying cosmetics, I like owning it and I just love the moment when you open a product for the first time and it’s completely untouched and virgin in some way. All I wear on daily basis is mascara and some blush (and sometimes eyeshadow), but I have enough make up to open a middle-sized make up studio! So, obviously, I don’t need another powder, but hey, wasn’t it all about happiness and smiling?

What about you, do you like buying make up?

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20 Responses to There’s no cosmetic for beauty like happiness

  1. Laura says:

    I love wearing liquid eyeline and blush most everyday….On special days I add mascara and eyeshadow. I rarely wear lipstick b/c I always feel it disappears as I head out the door! :)

  2. i do like buying makeup. but, since i don’t tend to wear loads, i tend to buy a few really nice pieces a few times a year… rather than lots of cheap stuff all the time. i have gotten a bit hooked on chanel nail polish lately too… it just feels like a little luxury. xx

    • Antonia says:

      I know exactly what you mean, Jennifer! I don’t want to sound like a snob, but I only like expensive make up=/ I have some drug store items as well (and there’s nothing wrong with drug store make up), but I just don’t find myself reaching for them so often..
      And I’m totally with you about chanel polishes! Wearing Paradoxal as we speak=)

  3. Heathre says:

    I love this quote by Dita Von Teese:

    “There’s just so much… so much emphasis put on being natural and real and, um… of the moment and fashionable; I kind of disagree with all those things. I love artifice, I love man-made beauty, I think I like the idea of being whoever you want to be and not just saying “Well, this is what I’ve got, and this is what I’m going to live with”.

    • Antonia says:

      I partly agree with it, Heathre! There’s nothing wrong with being natural, but I don’t like people judging someone for being too unreal or too made up. Make up and make up related things are meant to emphasize the beauty we are born with, and it’s human to try to improve it. Thank you for sharing this quote!

  4. Clare Brown says:

    Love the title of this post. I completely love buying makeup and putting it on and trying fun excited ways to jazz up my face. Makeup is an art form and I like to constantly try and perfect it.

    • Antonia says:

      Thank you, Clare! I can’t take the credit for the title – it’s a quote by Marguerite Gardiner Blessington=) I agree with you on make up being an art form, and also I think it should be fun. If I’d feel I can’t leave the house without it, I just wouldn’t like it as much.

  5. Stylista says:

    I don’t wear makeup, but I do like it. Really, something as simple as lip colour and mascara can transform the way you feel!

  6. Susie says:

    I absolutely love make-up. I love the whole thing–from the cute little containers it comes in to the pampering experience of putting it on (unless you’re in a rush, of course.) I try to keep it natural because that’s how I feel most myself, but a little makeup can still go a long way!

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, that’s what I love about it, too! The packaging, the make up counters (not the testers so much, though), putting it on (unless I have a pimple somewhere in the middle of the face, then just spend a lot of time covering it, and it all looks just horrible in the end!).

  7. Andrea says:

    Antonia, what a great post! To me make up is a way to express myself, and I put it on differently depending on how I feel that day! Sometimes I go bare faced, and sometimes I’m wearing a full-face make up! The process of putting on make up can cheer me up when I’m down…..

  8. Milla says:

    You’re just giving me some inspiration for a future post – tack!

    I believe that make-up is fun and I enjoy using it to enhance what I already have. I love, love, love buying make-up, especially nail polish, eye-shadow and lipstick/gloss. I usually stick to a few, but get such a rush buying them that most sit unopened for months… I think the packaging is so important, and so only stick to 2-3 brands.

  9. Cee says:

    I agree completely… Of course no one really needs make-up, but it’s so much fun to experiment with new products, colours and styles. To me, make-up is as much a part of fashion as clothes are, so I don’t think I could love one and not the other :)

  10. Arantxa says:

    I feel de same. I love the make up things, the lipsticks, the eyeshadows, the blushes… I have many of them, is more that I need but, I´m very happy with this.

    Greetings from Spain.

    I love your website!!

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