Clothing dilemma

antonia white jacket swedish love affair brown eyes girlI’ve sorted all my clothes today and faced a problem. What to do with all the stuff that you’re tired of, if it still looks good. I usually don’t make bad purchases that I regret later, so this is not the case. The thing is that there are clothes that I’ve had for years, but they still look like new. I must say, I’m very careful with clothes (and stuff in general). I don’t spill things on my clothes, I never wash them with wrong colors, I don’t rip or break things. So after a while I just get tired of certain pieces, but it’s just so hard to find a reason to part with them! These things travel to the next category called clothes for exercising. As I never exercise (and deeply in my heart even I realize it) this category has a second name – clothes for walking Greger.

It has come to the point where I have as much clothes for walking my dog as my regular ones. I actually become glad if an item from my closet gets bleached in the sun or destroyed by Greger!
So today I had to go and donate a lot of stuff to the charity shop. And the lady there, while looking through my stuff, asked me: Are you sure you want to donate all this? Everything looks so new!

OMG, right?

PS. What do you do with the things you’re tired of?

antonia on a bench swedish love affair white jacket brown-eyed girlantonia white jacket bench swedish love affair brown eyed girl

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20 Responses to Clothing dilemma

  1. Manderz says:

    I’m absolutely amazed that you take such good care of your clothes – mainly because the more care I try to take, the more damage I cause to mine. A klutz through and through is what I am. Actually, I’m slowly trying to purge old and rarely worn items from my closet. I’ve got a large pile to drop off at a thrift store. Although an equally large pile ended up as rags or in the garbage because of rips and stains.

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, it’s not that I take care of them all that well. It’s just that I happen to be careful, unintentionally!
      I find it hard to throw away stuff in good condition, so I’m glad it’s possible to donate it. I just can’t put it in the garbage.

  2. Fashionelli says:

    Selling on Tradera or donate to Myrorna…

  3. Patricia says:

    Ebay! People make good money selling items that they no longer want or need! I usually go the yard sale route though. And, I’m the same way with my clothes. :)

    • Antonia says:

      It’s just so much effort to photograph, describe and send the stuff! Ebay, I mean. If it’s something really expensive, like a designer bag, I guess it’s worth it (though, the buyers can’t tell if it’s a fake or not), but, like, a pair of nice trousers?.. you know.

      • Patricia says:

        I understand. I’ve also heard of “swapping” parties where you get together with friends and swap stuff with each other. It’s win-win! :)

        • Antonia says:

          Yeah, I’ve heard it’s the new thing! I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable swapping stuff=) Not because it’s pre-owned, just the negotiating part=)

    • Sorella says:

      Me too :D . For me my clothes is a circle of eBay. I buy most of my clothes on eBay and then I also sell the ones I don’t like, or that don’t fit me on it.

      And Antonia, it doesn’t only have to be clothes that are designer that can make you money. Yesterday I sold a jacket that was from a normal store for 20 €.

      It might be a hassle in the beginning but when you get some experience it will be easier and you realice you dont have to put measurements on all items (as it will take so long) but advise people to ask if they need them, etc.

  4. Sarah says:

    That’s really nice that you donated all of your clothes!! I’m still growing so I usually grow out of my clothes and then I donate them too.

  5. Cee says:

    I’m just like you- I’m careful with my things, which means they rarely wear out. And that means I end up with a pile of perfectly good things that I no longer wear. Recently I discovered a store- it’s in the US, mind you, so going there is just as easy as taking a trip downtown- where you can exchange your clothes for cash. It’s like consignment, but the process is accelerated. I think the system is brilliant, and I love doing; that way, someone else can enjoy the things I no longer want, and I have space for new things :) If you can find something like this in Sweden, I highly recommend it!

  6. Katie L says:

    These pictures are great, but I’m looking forward to something make-up related. Please?

    PS. I donate my clothes too. Sometimes I try to make something new out of them, but I usually fail. Then I just throw it away=)

    Great lipstick, btw!

  7. Maggie says:

    I do exactly what you did. To the charity shop they go! Unfortunately for me I can hardly ever motivate myself to sort through my closet. My horrid lazy self would rather sort through the same unworn clothes every day to find the things I do wear, jus to avoid sorting through my closet.

  8. Leia says:

    Darling… walking Greger IS exercise… so it falls under the category of BOTH! ;)
    I end up donating my stuff to charity, too – mostly to people in my community who need it :)

  9. Susie says:

    When I “spring clean” I usually end up donating anything that I haven’t worn in about a year. I figure if not then, then never. My big sister get first dibs, of course, but following this the rest goes to charity. When I moved, I gave a lot of things away as well too. I don’t necessarily like to take money for this kind of thing–I feel better about giving things I don’t need away to people who could really use it! Also agree with Leia–walking the doggie is exercise! :)

  10. Styleabaad says:

    It’s hard for me to ever part with my clothes! I’m just like you, I don’t ever ware them out and rarely damage them. But sometimes I do take a bunch of stuff to charity as I never have the patience to sell it, plus it makes me feel better to give it to charity! But some things I simply save in boxes and put on my parents attic, that’s the gem I believe I will use (or my future daughters!) one day many years from now!

  11. Sandy says:

    It’s hard for me to part with my clothes too. Unless it’s something basic like pants or a t-shirt. Sometimes I give it to friends, usually to charity. Right now I need to clean out my closet but I’ve been putting it off. There have been things I’ve given away and later regretted because I liked the items, I just felt I had too much stuff. So this time I think I will only get rid of things I feel neutral towards or don’t like.

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