Christmas wish lists

I’m curious, what Christmas presents are you guys wishing for this year? I need some inspiration:)


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  1. *A picnic basket! {one of those that are equipped with everything necessary for a picnic}
    *jewelry crafting supplies
    *a box of macarons
    *a new camera

    Hope at least one helps :)

  2. jill says:

    I want an ice-cream machine :) ! I’ve have never even tried, let alone made home-made ice-cream, but since I’ve seen them do it on Master Chef, I am dying to try it out.
    I’d also love an iPad, but that’s probably too expensive

  3. Kate says:

    - Guerlain Meteorites
    - Marc by Marc Jacobs textile tote
    - A piece of jewelry from my boyfriend (anything will do! last year he got me just a candle and I was pretty disappointed…..)
    - Kindle (like yours, Antonia)
    - Acoustic guitar
    - Martini glasses

  4. Marion says:

    I’d quite like a scrabble & a starbucks pre-paid card (haha)

  5. J.P. says:

    I want these things:

    1. a new coffee cups
    2. a set of Moleskines
    3. nice tea, coffee and honey
    4. a woolen blanket
    5. a book of good poems (I got very inspired by your post about Transtromer!)
    6. a sewing machine
    7. new make-up

  6. Ilona says:

    A Rebecca Minkoff handbag
    Grey or red tweed jacket or skirt
    A vintage pendant watch
    Fossil booties
    snake ring
    Guerlain lipstick
    Lancome powder
    ….and the list can go on and on

  7. ida says:

    - a new moleskine
    - a new business dress
    - the latest butter london nail polish (tart with a heart…i cant wait to have it!!! by the way…do you like butter london?)
    - a lot of new books as i am obsessed with reading
    - the fragrance baisé volé by cartier (my new favorite)

    • Antonia says:

      I’ve never tried Butter London!=( We don’t have it here, unfortunately.
      What books are you wishing for, Ida?:)

      • ida says:

        Oh, you can’t get Butter London? Poor you. :( Maybe you’ll find it online somewhere…it’s definitely worth trying!
        I wish for a bunch of specialized books on how to create own workshops, which games to use during a workshop etc. Additionally, there are some fiction books I crave for, such as the latest books of David Gilmour , Jon Kalman Stefaonsson, Banana Yoshimoto and Haruki Murakami plus Jane Austens Emma and J. K. Jeromes Three men in a boat. I don’t know if I’ll get all the books I wish for, but I’ll be happy about every single on of them. :)

  8. рыжая Маша says:

    1. Термос из Старбакса
    2. Книги про рококо, барокко, Марию-Антуанетту итд
    3. Красивая ткань в английскую розу <3
    4. Футболка из моего любимого сериала, Glee
    5. Футболка с муми-троллями (или любые другие вещи с муми-троллями).
    6. Бижутерия в бордовых и/или медных тонах.
    7. Всякие приятные мелочи – блокнотики, закладки для книг, рамочки для фотографий, свечи итд.

    • Antonia says:

      Интересный список, Маш:) а что из ткани будешь шить?

      • рыжая Маша says:

        Юбки и платья в японском стиле классической лолиты :3

        Жду твоего виш-листа, мне кажется, должно быть интересно

  9. Veronica says:

    - Headphones
    - a set of frying pans by Jamie Oliver
    - Babyliss “Wave maker”
    - Red leather clutch
    - Perfume Versace “Yellow diamond” (it’s the new one)
    - Clinique mascara (like yours)
    - Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
    - PJ’s with deers
    - Bathroom scales (I’m on a diet)
    - Dior lip gloss

  10. Дарья says:

    - зимние перчатки
    - крем для тела и для рук из Локситан
    - книги Нила Геймана на английском
    - сходить на “Шерлок Холмс: игра теней”
    - новой разноцветной канвы, разного мулине и специальные ножницы для вышивания:)

    • Antonia says:

      Даша, ты вышиваешь?? Впервые слышу! крестиком? У меня в семье все помешаны на вышивке, кроме меня:) зато мне всё дарят:)

      • Дарья says:

        Вышиваю:) После работы нервы успокаивать самое то:) Хочу хотя бы в этом году закончить начатые работы.

  11. Heather says:

    Loved reading everyone’s wish lists!

    Here’s mine:

    -Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream
    - Daisy by Marc Jacobs
    - A big suitcase
    - A case for my laptop
    - A sequined party dress for the New Year Party

  12. BEA says:

    Silk scarf, yellow or mustard
    Body butters
    Cook books

    …and a puppy!

    • Meredith says:

      I asked for “something mustard colored” one year and my Mom came up with a lovely scarf. (Great minds think alike!)
      And a puppy is the best, best ever!

  13. Abigail says:

    New camera
    (I usually don’t go for electronics so much…)
    Riding boots

  14. Arantxa says:

    The truth is that this year I have no desire for anything in particular. But dreaming is free …

    1. I’m in love with a swatch watch.
    2. A bag of Modalu, in particular the model Pippa.
    3. NARS Copacabana Illuminator.
    4. A book.
    5. Any jewelry or nice touch.

    The truth is that the best of my Christmas is my trip to Paris from 26 to December 31 visit to Disneyland included.

  15. janerowena says:

    I want a watch from pia jewellery, called ‘time for romance’!

    They do others in a similar style, I think it’s beautiful. I have been dropping very heavy hints.

  16. Pırpır says:

    1. Mavala Nailpolish, every single color! :) We don’t celebrate Christmas but, for the New’s Years maybe.

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