Christmas spirit

Have you guys started preparing for Christmas already? For some reason, this year I’ve been longing for the winter holidays more than ever. And everything that has to do with them, like gingerbread cookies, reindeer sweaters, Christmas songs (it turns out that my baby really loves Louis Armstrong, as he starts having a party in my belly every time I listen to White Christmas! That and the James Bond theme melody..) and things like that.

However, I haven’t bought a single Christmas gift yet! This year it’s Hannes’ responsibility, and I’m only giving him my precious advice.


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  1. Laura says:

    I’m a fan of switching gift buying responsibilities! Do you do that every year? Or just this Winter since you are probably super busy preparing for baby?

    Also, your baby has some seriously good music taste already! (I love the Goldfinger theme and “The world is not enough” by Garbage)

  2. Sara tatanka says:

    Dear Antonia,

    I don`t know if you remember me. I used to write a blog called Le fabuleux déstin de Lotta…(I changed to a new blog now). However, I`ve been reading your blog from the start and I havent been on here for a few months. Now I came back and saw that you`re pregnant! I was very surprised, I just know you through the blog, but I havent expected you to get pregnant very young.( I don`t know why, sometimes you just have a certain picture of people…..) But now that I see these pictures of you, I feel like it`s so right for you! It`s weird that I can be SO happy for someone I don`t really know…but I am!:)

    I`m looking forward to seeing you on that journey…and to “meet” this little guy!
    Congratulations to you and Hannes, and enjoy every second of it!:)


    • Antonia says:

      Hello Sara!
      Of course I remember you! Your blog was always full of those amazing cookies and recipes!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and special thanks for taking your time to write this! It’s weird how sometimes you feel like you know someone even though you’ve never met.
      It does feel very right, and of course I’m longing to meet him like crazy! Luckily, very soon it will happen:)

      Kind wishes,

  3. Katrina says:

    Congrats! So excited for you. We’ve been preparing for the holidays, making lots of glögg to give out as gifts!

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