Christmas inspiration

christmas tea sharon gingerbread cookie heart swedish love affairoskar fredriks kyrka church gothenburg göteborg swedish love affair

snow sweden swedish love affair 2

winter houses båstad swedish love affair

ring cosmic star gina tricot stjärna

7 year old santa clause knocking on the balcony door swedish love affair

white christmas tree amaryllis swedish love affair

vintage gold bracelet second hand belt hermes swedish love affair

Greger is wearing a knitted cardigan coat italian greyhound blue swedish love affair



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2 Responses to Christmas inspiration

  1. Тоня! Сегодня у меня выдался нелёгкий день, но твои фотографии мне очень понравились!) Спасибо за теплоту в твоем блоге. ;)

  2. Ilona Opengeim-Cherkas says:

    WOW!!! what a beautiful winter day! We still don’t even have hints of snow in Toronto…but the weather forecast says it would probably snow on Christmas…that would be a miracle if turns out true. :)

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