Center of attention

new year 2013 party swedish love affair
Because of my pregnancy, I was very much the center of attention at the New Year’s party. There were about a hundred people there, most of whom I know from my high school days.
Practically everyone there had heard that I was expecting, but most people hadn’t met me in person. So everyone kept glancing at my tummy and I got many questions about how I felt, when the big date is, is it a boy or girl. Almost always when I tell people that I’m expecting in about six weeks, they respond with disbelief. Looking at some photos from the party, I can’t really blame them.

antonia at new year's eve party swedish love affair

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6 Responses to Center of attention

  1. Laura says:

    Looking great Antonia! :D Happy New Year!
    Where’s your clutch from? It looks really cute.

  2. Потрясающе выглядишь! Я бы тоже не поверила, что тебе скоро рожать)))

  3. Quel says:

    Happy new year, Antonia!
    You look beautiful :)

  4. Nina says:

    Looking at the photos, I can’t blame them either =) Happy new year! ^^

  5. Denise says:

    Antonia I’ve recently sent you an e-mail…please could you write me back? :S

  6. nima says:

    hi ” Antonia .happy new year. can you send your photo (naked)to me???? :)

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