Catrice make-up

Catrice make-up: nail polishes in 070 Caught On The Red Carpet and 040 Petit Four As Dessert, jelly cheek tint in Coolibri (LE), eyeshadow 320 Dalai Drama

When I was in Budapest I also decided to buy some items by Catrice, as I’d heard some good things about this brand (and it’s not available in Sweden).
I bought two nail polishes, a dark red jelly called 070 Caught On The Red Carpet and a cream with slight shimmer called 040 Petit Four As Dessert (mink/mushroom/caffe latte kind of shade). Both of the shades are really nice, opaque, easy to paint with and fast-drying.

My favorite purchase from Catrice was, however, their jelly cheek tint Coolibri, which was limited edition. What an amazing blusher! After trying this, I feel like I need more gel-based blushes in my collection.

I also bought an orange eyeshadow by Catrice (320 Dalai Drama), as I love orange eye make-up, and this one was very pigmented.
And the last but not least is a nail polish by Miss Sporty, a brand which I’ve never tried before. This polish was on sale and I bought it to compare with my Rouge Noir by Chanel, as it seems to be quite similar.


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3 Responses to Catrice make-up

  1. samovaren says:

    hei! fant bloggen din når jeg googlet “mavala nail polish”, tilfeldigvis! jeg elsker beautyinnleggene dine! :)

  2. Titty says:

    can i ask you last polish nail’s brand, please?

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