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“How to marry a Swedish woman”. Or man.

I get so many nice emails from you guys! Every now and then someone decides to drop me a line saying something kind. Even when I was absent from here, people stumbled upon my blog and told me how much they liked it – daily!

However, I get so many odd letters, too. People read this article on dating in Sweden (which is the most popular article on this site, it gets thousands of hits every week). Then they notice the name of the website. To them, the words Swedish Love Affair must be suggesting it’s a dating site.

Not only do some strangers wish to “get to know” me better. Some are also asking me about “hooking up with a Swedish woman”. Or a Swedish man. “How to marry a Swedish woman?” is a common question, “how to marry a Swedish man?” is another. Yeah, if I knew the answer I would have done it already, wouldn’t I? Haha!

Some people send me short versions of their biographies and attach photos to make it easier for me too hook them up with someone. They all tell me they’re nice and kind people. Maybe I should start an agency? Swedish Love Affair – dive into a love affair! That would be my slogan.

No, seriously. I’m considering filtering my email so it would sort out certain keywords. ‘Marry’ would be one of them for me.


Holiday spirit

Christmas is here in just 12 days! What, less than two weeks?! Where did the time go? And I still haven’t bought (or decided on…) a single Christmas present.

However, this is the first Christmas when Hannes and I have decorated our apartment for the holidays. We’ve even put up a Christmas tree with ornaments on it and everything.

Becoming a parent means that you get to experience a lot of things for the first time. This Christmas is not only Johannes’ first, it’s also our first Christmas with Johannes!

So far, he loves it! All the lights, the ornaments, the tree, the snow! Several times a day we take a “guided tour” of the apartment and look at every single detail of the decorations. What a blessing to be this new and fascinated!



Center of attention

new year 2013 party swedish love affair
Because of my pregnancy, I was very much the center of attention at the New Year’s party. There were about a hundred people there, most of whom I know from my high school days.
Practically everyone there had heard that I was expecting, but most people hadn’t met me in person. So everyone kept glancing at my tummy and I got many questions about how I felt, when the big date is, is it a boy or girl. Almost always when I tell people that I’m expecting in about six weeks, they respond with disbelief. Looking at some photos from the party, I can’t really blame them.

antonia at new year's eve party swedish love affair


Silver for Sweden, gold for Phelps

Even though the Olympic Games have been going on for several days already, it wasn’t until today that Sweden got its first medal, namely silver in equestrian (horseback riding).
But I was even more happy to see Michael Phelps get awarded the gold medal in 4×200 meters relay. He holds the record for most Olympic medals won, and his swimming styles are more perfect that anyone else’s. It’s safe to say that he’s my favorite athlete in the whole Olympics!

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Alone at the library

Today I spent the whole morning at the university library. I had the whole place to myself, except for one or two librarians. Since I knew the café there would be closed, I had brought a thermos with coffee.



Another coffee, please

I was taking a stroll in the castle forest when it suddenly started to rain. As I hadn’t brought an umbrella, I quickly took shelter in a café.
I’m already on my third cup of coffee, but the rain still won’t let up. I’m in good company, though, so I actually don’t mind waiting a bit longer.

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Coastal wedding

I’m at a wedding right now! I’ll post some photos as soon as I can.
Take care!