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Hey guys! I hope your winter holidays have been great! Our Christmas tree is still up, spreading its needles all over the place. And, to everyone’s pleasure, Santa keeps leaving small presents for Johannes under it to this day.

I just finished reading Robert Galbraith’s recently published second novel called “The Silkworm”, which is the sequel to “The Cuckoo’s Calling”.
J.K. Rowling, who writes under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith is a great storyteller, and while I thought “The Silkworm” was good, I kind of expected more of book written by her (I guess, starting with a clean slate with no expectations from the readers is one of the main reasons writers chose to work under pseudonyms!). Somehow I didn’t feel much compassion for the main characters and, without giving away too much, I found the ending quite predictable. Although, that might just be me having read too many detective stories over the years.

And on a different note, I just saw that Pantone pronounced marsala the color of the year 2015. Finally a nice and flattering color of the year! I guess now we’ll be seeing a lot of this brownish wine shade in fashion both high and low. Everything from bordeaux and burgundy to oxblood will be widely available, and I’m so jumping that train!


Happy Sunday everyone!


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Wild animal print on a shirt from Stenströms

Wild animal print on a shirt from Stenströms

Wild animal print on a shirt from Stenströms

I have updated my spring wardrobe with this cool blouse from Stenströms. The wild animal print features a lot of species, but the funniest one must be the giraffe wearing sneakers.

And at the same time, when you’re looking at this shirt from a distance, it simply looks like a greenish shirt with an abstract print. A pretty flattering one, too!

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Equestrian look

This season I do a lot of flirting with the equestrian look. Overall, equestrian look is extremely popular in Sweden among women of all ages and its practicality suits my style of living perfectly at the moment. Being a young mother means I have to do a lot of things on the go, and there’s not much room for planning ahead, so I need something easily variated and not too trendy. Another thing I like about the equestrian look is that you never have to (or should, for that matter) wear it full on. Just a couple of right details is enough!

And when it comes to adding accessories to this look, a greyhound feels like the second best choice after a horse!


Bright spot

Here’s me on one of the city squares the other day. The Swedish climate doesn’t allow wearing this coat too often, but when I actually get the chance to put it on, it really makes me feel like a bright spot among the greyness!

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Outfit with pink trainers

I love this (fairly) new trend where you can pair trainers with anything from jeans to dresses. It fits my lifestyle perfectly right now! I walk a lot on a daily basis, so I’ve bought a lot of comfortable and colorful walking shoes (I like Adidas best). It’s all about function and simplicity for me, but I think it looks a bit fun and edgy, too.


New Zespà python Oxford shoes

New Zespà python Oxford shoes

New Zespà python Oxford shoes

My new shoes from Zespà. They are so comfortable that I can wear them with no socks! That’s very unusual for me with this kind of shoes.

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Personal observations in Paris: French women vs Swedish women

A little French girl at Galeries Lafayette

French women

- wear elegant black wool coats even when the temperature is far below zero. In Sweden warm sporty jackets are certainly more popular in winter.

- wear fur, a lot. Like fur jackets or fur elements in their outfits. In Sweden you will hardly see anyone wear fur, unless it’s fake.

- wear high heels in broad daylight. Walking in parks, shopping, taking the subway… In Sweden, heels are generally saved for the Saturday night and festive occasions.

- despite the traditional image, they don’t wear red lipstick in their daily looks. However, you will see a lot of tourist girls wearing “the French look”: all in black, accesorized with a hat and accompanied with a red lipstick and black eyeliner.

- smoke! I’ve seen so many French girls smoke on the streets, in cafés and sometimes even indoors! Overall, smoking seems a lot more popular in France than here. In Sweden you will hardly see anyone with a cigarette if you take a stroll downtown on a regular day, and personally I don’t have a single smoker among my friends.