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Belated birthday post

Hello! Many of you remembered my birthday last week – thank you all for your kind birthday messages and wishes! The day (it was a Friday) was partly spent at my favorite cafe eating cake. There were a lot of hyacinths and presents.
And then I went out for a day in the sun testing my new Speedlight flash, which was one of the best birthday presents I could ever imagine!

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Swedish Love Affair on Instagram lately

titus greger poodle greyhound swedish love affair instagram

With Greger and Titus (before he's had his hair done)

I’m going to share some of my recent Instagram shots for those of you who are not following me there (swedishloveaffair)!

gothenburg christmas 2013 condeco swedish love affair

Me on the Christmas break in Gothenburg

snow sweden instagram knitted

A couple of days ago in snowy weather. Wearing a cap knitted by my mother, of course!

moomins book reading

Reading one of Johannes' favorite books about the Moomins

childrens library sweden instagram

Yesterday at the children's library

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First snow

Yesterday our part of Sweden was hit by a huge storm. We stayed in all day and when we woke up the morning after everything was white and peaceful. First snow for this winter, beautiful.

First snow for Johannes, too. Of course, it was really cold and snowy when he was born in February, but he couldn’t really see any of it at all. This time around he’s really excited and happily tries to eat some snow whenever he gets the chance.

By the way, he’s turning 10 months today! He crawls really fast, talks a lot, laughs at the dogs, claps his hands when he hears music and says “da!” to everything!


Christening ceremony for baby in Sweden

I cannot help but write a few words on Johannes christening ceremony. We had it about a month ago, mostly for the sake of tradition, but also it was a great opportunity for our friends and family to gather for the only reason to celebrate Johannes.

Traditionally in Sweden, christening of a baby takes place in a church and the baby is wearing a long white gown. The one Johannes wore has been in Hannes’ family for quite a few generations and is more than a hundred years old!

Overall, Johannes was extremely happy during the entire ceremony and laughed all the time. I don’t sure what he found so funny, maybe the pipe organ playing?

Anyway, in the end Hannes played the piano and sang a song (“Stand by me” by Oasis), and we all went home for the informal part of the celebration (we were about 35 people altogether).

The festive dinner took place in Hannes’ dad’s garden, and the familiar environment there was perfect for Johannes. He could sleep whenever he felt like it, outdoors in the garden or in his bed inside the house and afterwards wake up at home feeling secure.

Of course, he received a lot of presents, and the most impressive amongst them was definitely the French Vilac car which Johannes got from his godfather! Its retro appeal and the beautifully nostalgic design almost make me wish for one too!

I bet Johannes is going to be crazy about it when he’s old enough to ride it!

Also, Johannes got around 30 new outfits for the coming months.
I was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift, and it even made me consider starting a Baby Outfit Of The Day section on the blog!


Dear readers!

Dear readers! It’s almost been two months since my last post. I apologize for this inactivity. I know many of you have been wondering about this, and I’ve gotten several worried emails from readers.

For those of you who were worried, rest assured that everything is fine. Actually, much more than fine. I am enjoying motherhood immensely, and I’m probably happier now than I’ve ever been. Johannes is almost seven months now, and he is still a perfectly healthy and really happy boy.

Of course, motherhood does take up a lot of time. As I’m sure you understand, this is the reason why I haven’t written anything here for such a long time.
I’ll explain what my life is like these days in more detail in an upcoming post.

I was genuinely nervous about checking the site’s visitor-counter. However, it turns out that there are still as many daily readers as ever (interestingly, the post about dating in Sweden attracts new readers to the site daily!), which made me so glad and made me feel really excited about starting running Swedish Love Affair properly again.

Which I will. There might not be several posts a day, but I will really try to share something each and every day. Also, check out my Instagram account @SwedishLoveAffair. Even if you’re not an Instagram user, you can still see all my photos by following this link.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for your patience and for staying with me!



Last month in pictures

Almost none of my blog readers follow my Instagram, so I thought I’d do a recap here. So here some of the things that has happened during the last month.

Below you can see Johannes two days old, still at the hospital. He’s had his manly hands from day one!

Some of the huge amount of flowers we received after coming home. As usual, from friends and family, work and school:

Of course, he’s been getting lots of presents, and we still receive parcels with tiny clothes a couple of times a week!

Taking a bath with grandma’s help:

The first time away from the baby (3 weeks old) at The Killers concert. It went really well!

The Killers doing their version of Forever Young. This song used to make me a little age conscious, but not this time! These days I feel younger than ever, having such a small baby.

Read my mind. This was the fourth time I saw Killers in concert, and this time they weren’t quite as amazing as the last time I saw them at Sziget Festival in Budapest or the first time I saw them on an airfield in Rome. Still, they were good.

Wearing an original outfit from the 70′s (which used to belong to one of his uncles), mostly for fun:

The first fika with the baby, mum and me (the baby stroller beside the table). However, we are still trying to avoid bringing Johannes to public places too often.

What we had:

Some of the other things I ate:

My new device for hanging stuff:

Johannes being cool:

Looking good naked:

One month old, wearing presents from his grandma (my mum):

A walk in the park and birds. I take him out at least a couple of hours a day, because he loves to sleep outdoors.

And here some of our early mornings:

Young father, young son, early morning:


Swedish family, one month together

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I first met my Johannes! In a way it feels as if he came to us only yesterday, so tiny, new and absolutely perfect. On the other hand, it’s like he’s always been here with us, and I can hardly remember that we once had a life without him. Having him here, we’ve discovered a whole new dimension of happiness, deeper and stronger than anything we knew before.