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Profiteroles and ultrasound experience

Some photos from today. Here you can see my first attempt at choux pastry. A friend has shown me how to make French éclairs, and it turned out to be pretty easy! As you can see here, I succeeded at my first attempt. However, I ended up making the savoury version (filled with salmon, Edamer cheese, eggs, dill and finely chopped red onion. Everything on a base of crème fraîche).

I made some sweet ones of what was left, too.

However, Greger managed to steal one while I answered the phone (he’s very fast like that). Here’s his guilty look.

Also, today we were to the last ultrasound session before actually meeting the baby. It’s really fun and somehow it feels unreal seeing a person inside of you like that. It also feels just like being a part of one of those movie scenes where other couples are doing ultrasound.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to make out things on the monitor, even though the nurse tells you what you’re looking at. I could definitely see the head of the baby and the face, and I also saw that it’s a boy very clearly. When she was showing us his legs and feet, though, it all looked like a black and white mess to me, and I had to pretend I saw what she was talking about, because I didn’t want to seem like a bad mother. Here above you can see his head in profile (he’s sort of lying on his back). To me, he looks like his father already!


On moving and the new apartment

These days, every time I’m away from the Internet for a couple of days or not answering my phone, people assume that I’m busy giving birth. So far it’s never been the case though!
The thing is that Hannes and I have been moving from our old place to a new larger apartment. Of course, moving is always exhausting, but luckily we got a lot of help from our friends, who did most of the packing and carrying. As always, I don’t know how we would manage without them.
Now all the boxes and sacks are here, and the only thing left is to find a place for everything. So far, we’ve managed to make the bedroom livable. And of course, the most important room of the apartment, the kitchen, has come together too. Today I celebrated by making the first cooked dinner and chocolate truffles. Also, I’ve tried out the new oven by baking bread. So far so good!


Great Paris tips: Coffee break in the Galeries Lafayette café

Here’s another top tip for visiting Paris. It’s actually one of my favorites, and it’s basically free! On the third level of Galeries Lafayette, the most famous department store in Paris, there’s a really nice café where you can get an excellent view from their balcony.
Even if your travel budget doesn’t allow you to shop at the upmarket stores in the galleria, everyone can afford to have an espresso at this café and enjoy the atmosphere there.

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Gingerbread houses

Today I was presented with two gingerbread houses! What a wonderful gift in these Christmas times, right?


Where to eat in Paris? Bob’s Kitchen, an underground vegetarian restaurant on Rue des Gravilliers

Where to eat in Paris? Bob's Kitchen, underground vegetarian restaurant on Rue des Gravilliers 1

Where to eat in Paris? Bob's Kitchen, an underground vegetarian restaurant on Rue des Gravilliers

I want to recommend you guys a really good vegetarian restaurant in Paris. It’s called Bob’s Kitchen and it’s situated on Rue des Gravilliers. I wouldn’t even call this place a restaurant, since it’s very low-key, and the atmosphere here is extremely homey and friendly. Bob’s Kitchen is more of a diner for locals.

Neither Hannes or I are vegetarians, but both of us enjoy vegetarian meals four or five days of the week.

There’s this fresh indie feel to Kitchen, and all the guest sit at the same long table, so you might easily get into a conversation with one of the regular customers or an occasional foreign visitor.

All of the employees wear turbans.

The menu changes often, but there’s always a daily soup, a good bagel and a veggie sushi roll to choose from.

They also have pancakes and amazing smoothies. As you can see, the prices are very democratic, too.

I ordered this carrot and sesame soup with coriander. It was really good and warming, but it did remind me a lot of my own seasonal soup with butternut squash, carrot, pear and coriander! Mine might even be a little better.

Hannes had the Indonesian style veggie stew with roasted sweet potatoes and beetroots. There was also rice with sweet coco milk in it, delicious! I’m thinking of recreating this dish in my own kitchen soon.

So, make sure you visit this cosy little place next time you’re in Paris! As I mentioned before, it’s situated on Rue des Gravilliers (close to Marais), although it’s a bit hard to find if you’re not looking for it specifically. But isn’t that often the case with the best restaurants?


Food and family

Here’s what Hannes and I had for fika today. Sadly, lately both of us have been so busy with school and work (especially him), that we’ve hardly had any time to hang out! Even though we live together, sometimes we only have the chance to see each other for a quick lunch and before going to bed. This is why simply having a coffee and a chat together has turned into valuable quality time these days!

And below you can see what I documented from the dinner I had with my family the other day:

Entrée: Goat cheese sallad with pumpkin seeds and parsnip chips

Main course: Roasted calf fillet

Dessert: Chocolate ganache and chocolate cake with sour cherry compote


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As for the quail eggs, I used some of them for my shrimp sandwich this morning! However, I have plenty of these eggs left, so I’m definitely going to try out your recipes, too. Thanks for your tips!