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Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

Croissants rolled in a can (Danerolles)

This is probably my favorite product right now. Six croissants rolled in a can, and all you need is to bake them! And they turn out great. These days we start every Saturday with fresh croissants, so delicious and easy.


Chanterelles with pepper steak

It’s been a while since I cooked anything advanced. These days the rule is the faster food the better, but it doesn’t mean we’re compromising on the taste! For instance, today I did some simple pepper beef steak with sea salt and fresh thyme (2 minutes on each side for medium rare). However, the chanterelle sauce that accompanied the meat really took this dish to the next level!

I’m so happy the chanterelle season isn’t over yet! Of course, this year we’re enjoying store-bought chanterelles instead of going to the woods and picking them ourselves like we used to, but still.

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Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

I got this steamer from my little brother for Christmas and I’ve been using it a lot lately. It’s called Lotus Folding Steamer Basket from Joseph Joseph. If you’re into healthy food, I highly recommend you getting one too.
This is a great device for any kitchen! It fits most pans when unfolded, but it’s super easy to store, since it takes no space at all when folded. It has a nice sturdy feel to it and a nice design. I use it to steam vegetables (anything I’d normally boil or pan fry) and fish or meat.

Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer Basket

Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer Basket


New morning coffee routine

Ever since Hannes got a coffee grinder for his birthday, our life has changed for good! Every morning we can have freshly ground coffee any way we like (normally, we like our coffee black, but recently I started adding some soya milk to mine). What a neat little machine! The only downside to it is the horrible noise it makes any time you use it, which potentially can wake the baby!

And today’s breakfast! Avocado sandwich again, this time with fresh spinach and aged cheddar cheese.

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Avocado sandwich for breakfast

I’ve been making this sandwich a few days in a row now! It’s just that good, I thought I’d even share it here.
You’ll need a bread bun, Roquefort cheese, rocket sallad, about a quarter of a large avocado and some extra virgin olive oil. Put it all together in a sandwich and enjoy!


Through Instagram

New Year's Eve!

I thought today we’d take a look at some of my recent Instagram photos!

Everyone were supposed to wear masks to the party:

My mask and my clutch:

The food at the New Year’s dinner. Can’t really remember what dish it was, I think some kind of fish:

Greger taking it easy and some of my belly:

Hannes and I in the local newspaper last week:

Late at night before going to bed yesterday (my favorite sleeping t-shirt!):

Dinner with Hannes’ mum last week, I had crustaceans:

Greger going by train:

Shopping for dresses (trying out):

Dinner with mum and stepdad:

Keeping my hairdo safe from the weather:

Lucia celebration at the university in December:

Hannes putting up some light in our new apartment, which was the first thing he did when we moved in:

Me in the elevator after work, 5 months pregnant here:

At the café at a second hand store with Mattias:

Bath bombs and a perfume I like by the Italian brand L’Erbolario:


In the kitchen a couple of weeks ago:

I just got myself an Instagram account, but I think I’ll be updating a lot. I go under swedishloveaffair.


Profiteroles and ultrasound experience

Some photos from today. Here you can see my first attempt at choux pastry. A friend has shown me how to make French éclairs, and it turned out to be pretty easy! As you can see here, I succeeded at my first attempt. However, I ended up making the savoury version (filled with salmon, Edamer cheese, eggs, dill and finely chopped red onion. Everything on a base of crème fraîche).

I made some sweet ones of what was left, too.

However, Greger managed to steal one while I answered the phone (he’s very fast like that). Here’s his guilty look.

Also, today we were to the last ultrasound session before actually meeting the baby. It’s really fun and somehow it feels unreal seeing a person inside of you like that. It also feels just like being a part of one of those movie scenes where other couples are doing ultrasound.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to make out things on the monitor, even though the nurse tells you what you’re looking at. I could definitely see the head of the baby and the face, and I also saw that it’s a boy very clearly. When she was showing us his legs and feet, though, it all looked like a black and white mess to me, and I had to pretend I saw what she was talking about, because I didn’t want to seem like a bad mother. Here above you can see his head in profile (he’s sort of lying on his back). To me, he looks like his father already!