Breakfast today

Breakfast today: natural yogurt with oatmeal flakes and nectarine. Some find it strange, but I prefer oatmeal flakes with yogurt rather than as porridge.

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3 Responses to Breakfast today

  1. ZEOLITE says:

    I love photos of breakfast, and I love oatmeal flakes with yogurt. I’ve actually been pretty into Muesli these days.

  2. Nina says:

    First you made me addicted to yogurt and honey combination (I found it really different at first but when I tasted it, it was instant love) and now you’re bringing this up. You’re really giving me some wonderful ideas for my love of yogurt =) I’ve always loved it and consumed it but never thought about combining it with honey, fruit jam or oatmeal flakes before; I just added some fresh fruits in the summer or black pepper and thyme in the winter (when I’m down with cold, it always makes me much better within minutes, I accidentally discovered this when I’m little). So thank you! =)

  3. Chiara says:

    I love oatmeal and oatcookies, but this i haven’t tried you. Great (and healthy) idea!

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