Boom boom shake the room

Johannes has always been a real dream baby. He’s hardly ever cried, and he almost always lets be get a decent night’s sleep. In many ways he’s been quite easy-going and appreciative of whatever we get up to.

Until recently. Since around the time he turned six months I’ve started giving him baby food. In order to give him as fresh food as possible, I want most of it to be homemade. This has meant that for the last couple of months, our kitchen has been turned into a proper baby food factory. My ambition is that his food should be healthy, all-organic and preferably locally produced. And most of the produce really is organic, and it’s certainly locally produced. I pick apples, pears and plums from the autumn trees in our neighbor’s garden and I go to a farmer’s market almost daily to buy seasonal vegetables.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was Johannes’ delicate palate. As it turns out, he’s got a very decided taste and he refuses to eat something he doesn’t fancy. It’s so much pressure that I feel like I’m a contestant in some sort of baby food edition of Masterchef.

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5 Responses to Boom boom shake the room

  1. Nika says:

    Which is why I spotted you buying canned baby food the other day..? ;-)

  2. Nani Wijaya Nasution says:

    Antonia, may I take your permission to post your veggies picture on my Facebook? I like it. Thanks before.

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