I’m often asked about what kinds of blogs I follow. Well, I really like personal blogs. I also enjoy many beauty blogs, mostly in English, but also some Russian and Swedish ones. I loooove looking at photos of cosmetic products and swatches, reading reviews (I admit that I have an obsession!). If I could, I’d have my own beauty blog, but unfortunately it would consume too much time, money and space!
Another type of blog that I like is food blogs with recipes. Those are seriously addictive! Sometimes I can go through “food porn” for hours. The same goes for photography blogs.
On the other hand, I follow very few fashion blogs.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Hahahaha my ex bf called it food porn too. We have a channel here in Canada, called the Food Network and its just amazing! I can watch it for days non-stop!

  2. liz says:

    We seem to have the same good taste! I also really like personal blogs and blogs about make-up and beauty, but I can’t be bothered with fashion blogs. I still think nothing beats Elle and Vogue when it comes to that stuff.
    Hope you had a great day off!

  3. Heba says:

    I love personal blogs too I feel like I’m reading people’s diaries haha
    few month ago I made my own blog and I really love when I get massages from people telling me how much they like it ,but I’m not into fashion blogs

  4. Cee says:

    I know just what you mean about food porn, Antonia! I hate cooking myself- my husband does all of it at home- but I love looking at pictures of food and imagining how wonderful it might be; even if it’s food that I would never actually eat. Which, since I’m a vegetarian, is relatively often ;) Do you read The Smitten Kitchen? It’s my absolute favourite food blog- the photography is gorgeous, and all the recipes I’ve tried from it have been fabulous.

  5. personal blogs are the best. I love fashion blogs too

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