Birthday cake, mum and friends

Here’s the cake I baked for mum’s birthday today! It consists of three layers of sponge cake (like this one) and the filling is jam and berries. On the top I put a lot of whipped cream, chocolate flakes and pomegranate seeds.

Yes, it may be a simple cake, but it was a very good one indeed!

My mum always invites my friends to her birthday dinner as well! Wherever she is, she creates an amazing atmosphere around the table and makes it easy for everyone to hang out together.
In the above photo you can see my friend Leo. He happens to be a dedicated reader of Swedish Love Affair. Also, he has recently cut off his dreads and looks more handsome than ever!

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5 Responses to Birthday cake, mum and friends

  1. Karen says:

    And now you’ve made me want to bake my own sponge cake with whipped cream and pomegranate seeds… Looks delicious!

  2. Tessan says:

    Haha, so did Leo manage to get that six pack?

  3. Araceli Estrada says:

    This cake looks delicious! You are so sweet for baking a cake for your mom.

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