Big red cat found, not lost

One of my posters: "BIG RED CAT FOUND"

As you already know, the runaway cat I took care of this weekend was returned to its rightful owner. But people who have seen my posters are still calling me, hoping that it’s their cat I’ve found. (I’m sure I didn’t make a mistake and gave it to the wrong person: there was an ID-tag in one of the cat’s ears. ) This is understandable of course. But then there are people who completely misunderstood my notices, and call to let me know that they’ve found my cat.
This conversation took place pretty late on Saturday night. The guy who called had obviously been out for drinks and wasn’t very quick on the uptake.

- Hello? This is Antonia.
A voice in the other end triumphantly announces:
 - Hello! I’ve found your big red cat!
- Oh. Well, actually I haven’t lost a cat. I found one and now I’ve returned it to its owner.
 - What? You already found it?
- No, you see, I never…
But before I can explain more fully the guy interupts me hopefully:
 - Is there a reward for returning the cat?
- No, there isn’t a reward. I never even lost a cat. I was the one who found it.
 - What are you talking about? Did you find your cat already?
I can tell that the full version of the story is too complicated for this guy in his current state, and decide to give him a short one.
- … yes. Yes, I already found it.
 - What? But what am I supposed to do with this cat? You can’t just go around setting up posters about a missing big red cat and not accept it when I find one!
 - I’m sorry, but that’s not my cat. Thank you for calling, have a nice evening!

I really didn’t think people would mistake “big red cat found” for “big red cat lost“, but there you have it.

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10 Responses to Big red cat found, not lost

  1. One Wish says:

    That’s so funny :) :) :) I love your poster, it’s so artistic and very eye-catching!

  2. Nina says:

    Hahaha that man was pretty nerve-racking and you gave the exact answer I would! :D

  3. Laura says:

    That is such a cute poster! :-)

  4. Madeleine says:

    Haha, people can be weird while being drunk. Maybe not so fun at the time for you but seeing it in a perspective its an amusing story. Cute posters btw.

  5. Heba says:

    omg he’s stupid lol

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