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Swedish Love Affair is going through some changes and updates right now (which, of course, doesn’t stop me from blogging!). This means that soon we’ll all be able to enjoy an even better faster site with more features! Stay tuned.

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  1. m says:

    hi there, i just stumbled upon your blog. what a lovely site it is… filled with pastel colours, bright colours and watercolours. how delightful – you even make the empty shells of eaten passionfruit look pretty, as if they were delicately polished for the photo you uploaded :)

    you’ve probably gotten this question before, and i must apologise for any potential annoyance this question may cause you. but in light of valentine’s day that has recently just gone by, i was hoping if you could tell me if swedish boys really as shy as people say they are? i met one randomly while traveling recently. we hung out in a group, talked a little but not much. we talked a little on facebook, he paid me a compliment. and now i’m not sure whether it might be too forward in swedish culture to ask him for a coffee when i come visit your awesome country in a few months, or if it would be too expectant of me to mention that i’d be visiting and wait for him to offer to meet :)

    sorry for the trouble and the awkwardness my question might have caused. i hope we’re still friends. well, sort of anyway!


    • Antonia says:

      Hi! Sorry for being a little slow!
      I’d say that Swedish boys can be pretty shy and reserved, which, however, doesn’t stop them from being interested. Not too forward at all to ask him out for a coffee or a beer – and I’m 100% certain he’ll be up for it, gladly. Do it!
      What city are you planning to visit?

      Kind wishes,

      • m says:

        Hi Antonia,

        Thanks for your reply! Now it’s my turn to apologise for the lateness of mine.

        I am not quite sure yet, but I will definitely head to Stockholm. Is it very easy to travel in and around Sweden? I hope the trains are affordable. Where would you recommend as a must-visit if I am in Sweden for about a week in the middle to the end of June? It would be lovely if you could recommend a few quaint cafes/places to shop. You have such lovely eclectic taste, I’m sure I’d have a good time visiting those places you enjoy as well!

        Hope you are enjoying Spring – has it come to Sweden yet?


  2. Your mum says:

    i’m waiting!

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