Being in touch with your inner child

Tortoiseshell cat spying swedish love affairRight now everyone in my family is crazy about Mattias’ new toy! It’s a remote control helicopter, which we got him at Hamleys for New Year. It’s so cool and precise I can’t describe it in words! Everyone tries to get up as early as possible in the morning, to play with it before anyone else. Haha, talking about being in touch with your inner child! However, the cat has more fun with it than anybody else. She sees it as her enemy, or victim, and spends a lot of time hiding behind things and chasing it!

radio controlled helicopter toy from hamleys swedish love affair

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6 Responses to Being in touch with your inner child

  1. cupcake says:

    Isn’t that the best thing about having a child, you get to act like one too!!

  2. Patricia says:

    My nephew got one of those too! I think they’re so cool. And, I can see why the cat would be after it-it’s like a bird, but not.

    • Antonia says:

      Mattias has another one of those back home in Sweden, but not at all as precise=))) this one is addictive!

      • Patricia says:

        Okay, now I must try it! I didn’t fly it, I just watched, but I think I really need to now, just to see if it’s precise or not! (My nephew does have a couple of scrapes on his forehead from it. I don’t know what that says, but I’ll find out! LoL!) :)

  3. Emily Jane says:

    I love that the cat got the most enjoyment out of it :)

  4. Cee says:

    I can just picture you all sneaking out of bed early in the morning and tiptoeing out, hoping you’ll be the first to reach the helicopter. So cute :)

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