Beanies and baking

Whenever I take a selfie together with Hannes I just come to realize how round my face actually is – all over again every time!

I hope you guys had a nice day today! I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather today (sore throat!), but I had a good time anyway. For instance, here you can see us wearing our new beanies. Nice, isn’t it?

And later at night my mum came over to us and taught Johannes how to bake a certain type of cookies. The two of them are going to attend a baking competition with these cookies tomorrow morning!

He seemed to really have gotten the hang of it, so I hope we’re going to enjoy his baking more often from now on!


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  1. dannydan of east central Illinois USA! says:

    Hej, hur är ni alla? ((Hello, how are you all)) just in case I did it wrong! Anyway, wanted to wish you THREE a very happy New year and also want to say that your “New beanie” pic of the both of you is awesome! You two name a great looking husband and wife TEAM with a little one! I’m fifty one, married twenty six years this past November 5th, we have the daughters, all grown now! I write today (first comment on your blog I believe) because of your that picture and your little boy! I see nothing but love in you people and thus it was important for me to take a moment to tell you two how very important it is to keep you love for each other alive, how very important to keep your communication lines between each other open and consistent, how very much you two INDIVIDUALS are a TEAM that will nurture your little boy Jo into becoming of the best men the world will ever know!
    Always talk to each other hannes and antonia. Outside of believing in God and Jesus, COMMUNICATION is the key ingredient to longevity of a relationship and esp when child is part of our equation!
    I don’t know your religious beliefs and I’m not pushing anything on you two, but I just had to write you this… all because I saw your beanie pic! Crazy, huh. From the other side of OUR world to you THREE, be well, love, laugh and live! :) peace

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