Report from the beach! It’s incredibly warm here, even in the water. I’ve mostly been bathing, eating and playing games all day long. Of course, we’re also celebrating my stepdad’s birthday today! It’s such a special day and I’m glad we’re celebrating it in such a fun way!

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5 Responses to Beach

  1. omg your photos make me crave going to the beach so much! keep enjoying :)

  2. Styleabaad says:

    Oh that looks so relaxing and nice… Missing Sweden seeing this, the summers are so beautiful! Luckily I’m going in a month!

  3. I am so jealous :) Can’t wait to go to the sea. Have lots of fun ;)

  4. SO beautiful. Love all the blue. x hivenn

  5. Rucha says:

    There’s nothing better than going to the beach in the summer!

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