BB Creams by Skin79: unseen in Sweden

BB Creams by Skin79: unseen in Sweden swedish love affair

BB Creams by Skin79 have even reached Sweden!

I forgot to show you one of the presents I got for Christmas. It’s a set of tubes of BB creams by Skin79. BB stands for beblesh balm or blemish balm, and it’s a product widely used in Asia, especially Japan. I’ve never seen anything like that in Sweden, so of course I had to google this exotic cream. Obviously, Asian women are crazy about it and BB cream is one of the hottest beauty products right now. It promises great radiance, anti-acne effect, whitening (I don’t know if I need more of that), it’s soothing, nourishing and moisturizing.
I will test this out, but for now I’m impressed by the good spf in these creams.

Have you heard about BB cream before?

BB Creams by Skin79 Sweden swedish love affair

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20 Responses to BB Creams by Skin79: unseen in Sweden

  1. SARA says:

    I’m from Norway and I’ve been looking for these BB creams for years!!! They can’t be found anywhere in Norway! Lucky you, I hear these babies are a dream!

  2. Marta says:

    After your post i went and googled bb cream! this seems to be such a fantastic product!! I’m jealous. how come all the best stuff (cosmetics) come from Asia?

  3. Виктория says:

    Мой английский не очень хорош, поэтому я не поняла,что такое- beblesh, blemish. А вообще, я наткнулась на твой блог неск-ко дней назад и просто влюбилась в него. Уже перечитала все посты с самого начала- очень интересно. Фотографии просто супер! Желаю удачи!!!

    • Antonia says:

      Спасибо, Виктория! Мне очень приятно! Раз ты читаешь блог по-английски, то он у тебя скоро улучшится=) Blemish это потому, что этот крем изначально задумывался как анти-акне. А потом, когда обнаружились все его положительные свойства, им стали пользоваться многие азиатские звезды. И так он стан известен.
      А где ты живешь?

  4. Cee says:

    I’ve never heard of BB Cream, but I’m quite intrigued! Although I must say I tend to stay away from any products that promise whitening… I don’t think any chemicals that whiten your skin can possibly be good for it.

  5. Ania says:

    I love bb creams, you can buy them on ebay, skin79 are good but Missha is better.

  6. nova says:

    I first found out about BB creams on a trip to Asia. And while I am thoroughly fascinated by the fact they were a brand new category of product (for me) I found that colour was a big issue (I’m about a NC20/25). They’re all so light in colour (which is partly the point) and even darker ones tended to be a little grey. That being said, I don’t know if these sites do international shipping but…

    and of course, ebay as mentioned by Ania :)

  7. Katie says:

    I’ve heard a lot about them but I’ve never used them. I definitely would like to try them though!

  8. nova says:

    I’m back to regular foundation. Lioele was the closest in terms of colour match but even then I’d mix it with a little moisturizer to sheer it out and then top it with a powder that was darker. Oh well :/

  9. Sus says:


    I happen to be Korean-American, and honestly? I don’t trust BB Cream. I will NEVER.

    I feel like, its merely a marketing gimmick. I know it definitely works in terms of coverage…. but I don’t see this doing any wonders to one’s skin ><;;;
    Idk… as original "blemish balm cream" was used for sunburned/plastic surgery patients with delicate, sensitive skin that required healing, this cosmetically uh, unapproved/unsupervised(?) category makes me jittery/nervous/anxious…

    I'd rather hear the same old same old, I USE FOUNDATION, rather than this do-all BB Cream. Plus, Asian brands typically do not list their ingredients… anywhere… But if they do, lucky you I guess? :) Hehe, sorry if I sound like I'm trying to seriously discourage you from BB Creams… Yeah, you should play around with it as they are somewhat fascinating but really, I don't trust these in the least bit! :/

    • Antonia says:

      Hi, Sus! Thanks for writing this! My worries exactly, and I’m so glad someone shares them! I’ve been searching for the ingredients, but I can’t find them anywhere. And I’m kinda brainwashed, I always start from reading the ingredients list on the package before buying something. This stuff doesn’t seem to be standardized. I don’t think it hurts the skin (I can’t tell as I haven’t been using it, to be honest), but it probably only has the benefits of a regular tinted moisturizer=)

  10. Valeria says:

    My korean friend sent me bb cream and I absolutely love it, I wated to get so badly and now I have it and its sooo good! I think that etude house have very good. :)

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  12. Dragonlady18 says:


    There are bb cream for sale in Sweden. Just visit Tradera or check the facebook group page called “BB cream Sweden”. There are a little information on where you can get them at a very good price.

    People from Norway, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries can buy from Tradera as well.

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