Barelegged in Sweden

bare-legs-in-sweden swedish love affairTo celebrate that summer has finally arrived, today’s outfit marks this year’s premiere for bare legs! 

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3 Responses to Barelegged in Sweden

  1. Ilona says:

    Love it! :) I have a question for you: I remember that in one of your posts, you mentioned that Michael Kors is not your favorite brand when it comes to handbags. Here, in North America, women are over their hills with Kors handbag designs, can’t say I wholly and irreversibly belong to that group, but i do own two small bags from Kors…was very curious to know why you dislike the brand. Thanks! P.S. By the way I love the way yours looks on the photo! ;)

  2. Lovely floral outfit Antonia. I’m a little obsessed with florals at the moment so I think this is a great pick.

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