Balcony breakfast in November

It’s actually warm enough to have breakfast on the balcony today! This has never happened to me in November in Sweden before. I’m having a soft-boiled egg, two cheese sandwiches, rose hip tea and a couple of clementines. That’s a pretty big breakfast for me.

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9 Responses to Balcony breakfast in November

  1. Sarah says:

    This is one of the things I love about Sweden: people live in big houses with balconies and terraces! That’s what I enjoy the most when I come in Stockholm to visit my dad. :D


  2. Araceli Estrada says:

    I wish I had a balcony. I think I would use it every day. Happy Wednesday =)

  3. Heba says:

    looks delicious
    btw i borrowed one of your posts and i mentioned your blog :)

  4. Vicky says:

    ägg i shotglas! love it.

  5. emma says:

    jag har också haft mina ägg i shotglas fram till tills förra helgen faktiskt, då fick jag fina äggkoppar av pappa som tyckte att jag faktiskt behövde det! Söta pappor kan vara.

  6. Aya says:

    It’s amazing how even a simple egg and an peeled orange can be so pretty! Lovely photo :)

    Aya ♥

  7. Sarah says:

    I love this photograph! Your blog is so cool (:

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