We have recently come home from Copenhagen (again!). I’m planning another one of those People of Copenhagen posts soon.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that Sweden must be the most baby-friendly country in the world! Here you can be comfortable with a baby, a baby stroller baby food almost wherever you come (I mean, restaurants, museums, shops and other public places). It’s a bliss! Danmark is close, but just not as baby-friendly. Still, I love it.

Johannes says hi!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

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4 Responses to Baby-friendly

  1. julia says:

    antonia, could it be possible that you are pregnant again? would be wonderful! cheers from germany 🙂

  2. saeed aseeri says:

    very beautiful mother and child

  3. Ilona says:

    So cute!

  4. Miss Weirdo says:

    Oh that’s surprising, I thought we are crazier than anybody here in Denmark about babies:)

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