Awkward fruit

I hope your Valentine’s was great if you celebrated it, and if you didn’t I hope you just had a nice day. For me it was an absolutely beautiful day, but I’m not going to reveal what gift I received just yet. I ate a lot of passion fruits, though. Of course, it has nothing to do with the Valentine’s – but I do love their flavor and how tender and slimy they are under the wrinkled skin. Hidden passion.

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9 Responses to Awkward fruit

  1. Millie says:

    I love this fruit too! However, I see what you mean by awkward;) hahaha

  2. Mmm, jag älskar också passionsfrukt :) Smaken, färgen, namnet – yum :D

  3. Patricia says:

    I’ve never had that fruit before. How would you describe the flavor? I love all fruit, so I’m curious to find some here. I’m currently home battling anemia, so I can’t go looking for them just yet, but this summer, they’re on my list! Glad you had a good Valentine’s, Antonia! Can’t wait to see what you got! :)

    • Antonia says:

      Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear that, Patricia! What do you do to make it better? I hope you’re not suffering too much. Get better soon. *sends a virtual hug*

      Hm, describing the flavor is kind of hard=) It’s sourly, but it’s really more about the texture. Very slimy, something like tomato seeds meet phlegm or something=)) But it’s good=) You should try it!

      • patricia says:

        Thank you, Antonia! And, great description! The way it looks it reminds me a bit of prickly fruit, in that it’s just a bunch of seeds covered in semi-sweet texture. I wonder if it’s in the same family?

  4. Laura C. says:

    In puerto rico (where Im originally from) the outside of the passion fruits look a bit different. The shell is a lot thicker (10 times as thick) , not wrinkly, and it orange/yellow…not that color red. They always remind me of styrofoam on the outside! HEHE….
    Oh but I love the taste so much. Delicious! My grandmother always tells me to be careful though, because too much passion fruit lowers blood pressure. :-)

    • Antonia says:

      Really?? I have low blood pressure to start with, maybe I should stop eating them! Lucky you being from the place where they grow, though. Here it’s in the “Exotic fruits” section=))

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